Trilogy Counseling wants to make requesting records as easy as we can. Please reach out to your Provider directly via phone or instant message through your client portal. If you are unsure who the Provider is or what their contact information is, please complete the below contact form so the Provider or our administrative staff can attend to your request.

  • Please note:
    • A release of information will need to be completed for the client file, even if asking for records for yourself.
    • We may take up to 30 days to process any requests.
    • We may omit information if there is concern for safety.
      • Our documentation is geared towards justifying billing and treatment. It is also used to help Providers recall discussed topics in session to revisit or review at upcoming sessions.
      • We encourage our Clients to review records with their Provider to avoid any misperceptions or confusion within the documentation.
        • We may charge for records distribution.

Contact your Provider if you have any further questions.

Record Request