LPC/LPCC Supervision

Finding a quality Counseling Supervisor that you can connect with is important. Jacqueline Kelly-Faddler is approved by the Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy in Minnesota to supervise those wishing to provide Counseling services and seeking LPC/LPCC licensure. She enjoys offering insight, feedback, and encouragement to others who are going into this meaningful profession. Jacqueline has been told that her variety of personal and professional experiences  flavors her supervision style, which can make for a unique and beneficial supervision experience. Also offered in supervision is genuineness, honesty and a supportive relationship which can prove helpful as people work through the process of becoming a Therapist. A Supervisor in the state of Minnesota must complete additional training approved by the Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy. Along with training, a Supervisor must have been practicing counseling for a specified number of years so they may offer expertise based on experience to those they mentor before they are approved to supervise.