Ann Brombach MA


Ann is excited to be joining the Trilogy Counseling team starting January 2024 as a Clinical Trainee. She currently hold a Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services. Ann attends Saint Mary’s University and is focusing on completing the required coursework and hours needed to become an LPC/LPCC in the state of MN. Ann will be supervised by Jacqueline Faddler MS, LPCC during her time with Trilogy.

Ann is interested in working with children, teens, adults, seniors, families and couples. She has experience working with seniors, caregivers of elders and families as they explore the changes which come with aging. She has enjoyed helping people work through career changes and other work related issues. Ann has provided support to individuals and families transitioning through divorce, caregivers with parenting issues and also has a background of supporting students who experience ADHD and neurodivergent traits.

“I believe people have the capacity to change for good and I believe in finding the healthiest and simplest approach to live one’s best life possible. I strive to meet people where they are and I believe individual work outside our meetings is also valuable time. I believe in developing coping strategies, understanding one’s self, and finding motivation to change. I strive to empower clients to be their best selves, while discovering personal self-reliance.”